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Hopscotch Jill
Leggvarmere er godt egnet til å dekke åpningen mellom sokker og bukse når man bærer barnet.
I tillegg varmer de godt og kan brukes både over strømpebukse og som erstatning for strømpebukse. Leggvarmere over strømpebukse er et supert alternativ for små jenter i skjørt om høsten, og de kan også fungere som ekstra beskyttelse for barn som krabber.

BumGenius har gått i partnerskap med firmaet BabyLegs for å få dem til å produsere leggvarmere som matcher tøybleiene. Resultatet er 7 herlige mønster i BumGenius' signaturfarger og med deres logo nederst. Bumgenius BabyLegs er myke og elastiske og gjør bleieskiftet raskt og enkelt for alle som syns det er styrete med strømpebukser!

BumGenius BabyLegs gjør det også enklere for barnet i bleieavvenningsperioden, da det gjør at man ikke trenger å trekke ned en strømpebukse for å få av seg bleien eller komme på do. Leggvarmerne passer de fleste barn opp til ca to års alder og kan til og med brukes lenger enn dette for mange - og fungerer til og med bra som pulsvarmere på armen! De trekkes enkelt av og på barnet (også om det har sko på) imens det sitter i bæretøy, bilstoler eller lignende.

BumGenius BabyLegs er myke og elastiske og er laget av en blanding av 80% bomull, 15% polyester og 5% spandex.


About Us

aboutuslabits286x318Jimmy & Jenn Labit & Kids

In keeping with the saying, “necessity is the mother of invention”, all of our products have been designed out of a need for something different.

The Cotton Babies One-Size Microfiber Insert happened one night when I was sewing some inserts up for a customer. I had a snap press in my sewing room and late one night, totally on a whim, I added a snap to the insert to make it shorter. Our design was met with resounding applause and we were off and running. We both thought it made sense to design a diaper to work with our insert. The demands of a growing business and having another baby meant that it took some time for that dream to become reality. When it did though, bumGenius! One-Size Cloth Diapers were born.

Our bamboo fitteds and the all-in-one followed closely behind the one-size diaper… The bumGenius Bamboo Fitteds were designed for the family who wants great fit, fantastic absorbency and natural fibers against their baby’s skin. The award winning bumGenius All-In-Ones appeal to the family who wants a simple, highly absorbent one-step system.

Today, bumGenius branded products are concientiously produced in the United States and in Egypt. You’re welcome to visit our retail store in St. Louis, Missouri anytime. The store is conveniently located just off Interstate 270 at the southeast corner of Tesson Ferry Road and Kennerly Road (across from St. Anthony’s Hospital).

logo-cotton-babiesOur company began very small – with $100 worth of product in a tiny green milkcrate stored in a shelf in our kitchen. It grew from there to a bookshelf, then a closet, then a bedroom, then a basement and finally, in 2005, the business expanded into a small commercial space. We opened a retail store in 2006 and in 2007 moved our shipping center into a larger warehouse that is set to double in size in 2008. Our focus from 2002 through 2005 was retail through Cotton Babies. In 2005, we launched the bumGenius product line. This product has provided the primary fuel for the growth from 2005 through today. Today, Cotton Babies employs many people in the St. Louis area who work in the warehouse shipping orders, in the retail store helping our local customers, in the offices providing administrative support or in their homes sewing products.

As bumGenius has grown, so have our production needs. We got started in a woman-owned facility located in Denver, Colorado. We have grown in that facility since 2005 and last year, we reached a point where we had to bring a second factory online to keep up with demand. Knowing that this need was on the horizon, we began that process in 2006 with a friend who lives in Alexandria, Egypt. That factory actually opened its doors in July of 2007 and is exclusively dedicated to the production of bumGenius products for our international distributors in Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Australia. The majority of product sold by U.S. retailers is still produced in our Denver, Colorado facility. With the addition of our Egyptian facility, retailers around the world experienced a dramatic decrease in shipping times and a significant increase in available product worldwide.

We believe corporate growth must be done responsibly and in a way that supports the American economy and ensures product quality. The step into mass production simply had to be taken due to a steadily increasing level of international demand that the U.S. factory is simply unable to keep pace with. As we’ve expanded beyond North American borders, we’ve ensured that every American job is preserved. Every year for the last three years, our U.S.-based staff has more than doubled. In addition to preserving jobs, we also carefully control all material sources to ensure that all products are still made with the exact same high quality materials, regardless of where they are actually sewn together or distributed.

Our Colorado facility was established in 2005. They originally produced a different product line for us. When the original bumGenius 1.0 product was created, we presented the factory with the product knowing that it would grow very quickly. It did and today, Colorado produces a few other products but is primarily dedicated to the production of the bumGenius product line. The workers believe wholeheartedly in bumGenius. As each diaper is completed, it is inspected by quality control staff, packaged and sent to our St. Louis facility for shipment to retail and wholesale customers.

Like Colorado, our Egyptian facility was established one careful step at a time. We first located at quality control company committed to infusing positive corporate culture into factories and facilitating the growth of the Egyptian economy through training and worker education. Our companies formed a strategic partnership to ensure the continued impeccable quality of bumGenius products while also paying a living wage and giving Egyptian workers a hand-up out of poverty. We aren’t just meeting international standards for fair wages. Because this factory is exclusively dedicated to the production of bumGenius products, we are able to set the factory culture through team-building activities, on the job training, and an establishment of wages and benefits designed to take the employees to the next level in life. We have full time team of people who work for the quality control company and provide “around the clock” supervision to ensure our standards are met at all times. Their oversight includes company culture, treatment of employees, team building as well as inspecting every single diaper produced. The factory is beautiful and clean. It is staffed with a very eager group of people and owned by a man who is well known and respected by some close friends of ours. I have personally spent a significant amount of time in Egypt making sure that things were set up right and providing the necessary training to be sure that the managers and staff know how to produce bumGenius products well. The whole team there has a great respect for us, our values, our products and they truly care about the quality of the product being produced. We are thrilled to have successfully established an extension of Cotton Babies in Alexandria, Egypt in purpose, in vision and in values.

We’re proud of the way our company has grown and the positive impact that we’re having on families worldwide. Five years ago, Cotton Babies began providing enough income to feed just our family. Today, Cotton Babies provides income that puts good food on literally hundreds of tables worldwide. We consider each and every staff member, distributor, retailer and customer part of our extended Cotton Babies team. With the help of our world-wide team, bumGenius has become one of the best selling diapers in the world. Thank you for the part that you play in the story that is making a difference, in families, in community and in the environment all over the world.

Kindest regards,

Jennifer Labit, CEO
Cotton Babies, Inc.